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In the beginning, the world lay quiet in darkness. There were no trees or grass. The world was not dead, it was asleep. Then, the Great Spirit Baiame whispered to the Sun Goddess Yhi. As she decended to earth, her immense glow bought light to the world. Wherever she walked, trees, bushes and grass sprang up. Baiame told Yhi to go into caves. When she did, her warmth turned the shadows into animals. Koala's and Kangaroo's sprang from the darkness. Baiame told Yhi to go to the ice covered mountains. When she did, ice melted and formed rivers, and shadows in the water turned into fish and reptiles. Yhi then told all the creatures she had brought to life that they were in the land of The Great Spirit, and that it was theirs to enjoy forever. She said that she would send the seasons. She told them she was goint to live in the sky to watch over them and continue bringing life. When the living died, their spirits would go up and live with her. Yhi than rose into the sky, and her light shone brighter than ever and soon sank behind the western hills. The world was dark again, and all the living things were sad and afraid. Hours passed and the creatures went to sleep. Suddenly birds started twittering. The Sun Goddess appeared again and filled the plains with light on the first morning. The creatures then knew that day would follow night. The river and lake spirits longed for Yhi's warmth and light, they rose into the sky trying to reach her. She smiled as they dissolved into drops of water and fell back to the earth as rain and dew. Last of all, Yhi sent the Morning Star to remind them that she would be return after every night.


The Goddess Yhi- Gamilaroi Dreaming Story 

Acrylic on Canvas 76cmx92cm

The Goddess Yhi

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