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Ngaarr, Wandabaa, Thanbarran

Ngaarr, Wandabaa, Thanbarran held it's First Annual Aboriginal Arts Exhibition, hosted by the University of New England and Arts North West.

16th January, 2023

The 'Youthie'- Tamworth.

'Art by Kisani' Managed and Co-ordinated this Project, and it was a it was a truly SENSATIONAL Event.

26 of the New England, North West Regions incredibly Talented First Nations Artists participated in this Exhibition. 

The Exhibition was attended by some amazing guests, including the UNE VC/CEO Dr Simon Evans, the UNE PVC- Indigenous Strategy, Dr Joe Fraser & Uncle Rodger Knox!

Participating Artists included:

Krystal Lamb

Tania Hartigan

Kaliela Thornton

Bonnie Paterson

Audree Trindall

Arthur Trindall

Amanda Gwalter

Audrey Fogg

Jodie Herden

Tess Reading

Kate Sutherland

Renee Leigh

Adele Chapman-Burgess

Mona Fernando

Jack Conlon

Violet Nicolson

Taylor Williams

Mark Washington

Kylie Munro

Ann Johnson

Maddie Johnson

Val Pitt

Cindy Duncan

& Myself, Kisani Upward

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